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Bur Oak was established back in 2004 to satisfy the great urge we had of wanting to provide better and affordable dentist care services to the people of Markham. Doctor Gupta – the founder – brought together professional doctors who were specialists in individual areas and other stuff to promote the quality of services rendered to patients.

Advantages of acquiring dental care services from Bur Oak Dental:

1) We have three operating branches in the community, therefore you can visit the one closest to you. Through the years while growing, we realized that Markham is a wide area with a large population. To serve you quickly, we now have three operating branches which you can view at affordable dentistour-locations/.

2) All our staff is highly qualified and professionals at their work.All our doctors have significant experience in the dental care sector and have attained degrees from reputable universities. We also have an office manager – Rose – who has worked for us since we began our course. She offers consultation service to clients. Other experts such as hygienists and dental assistants are present at our different locations, all to make you go home happy and contented after being treated.

3) Our facilities are well-equipped with high-tech tools to treat various dental problems. Services such as dental surgery can get administered in our facilities for treatment. We treat all people whether young or old and can handle various dental problems.

Five Tips on how to take care of your teeth:

1. Remember to brush your teeth twice, daily, with an effective toothbrush. The most recommended times for brushing are after breakfast and before bedtime.

2. Avoid smoking and chewing drugs such as tobacco.

3. Refrain from excessive consumption of sugary foods such as sweets.

4. Have regular dental check-ups to have your teeth cleaned by a professional.5. Do not take alcohol excessively.

Keep your smile growing by visiting us at any of our branches. We treat all our clients like family and have even made our facilities very comfortable for our patients while awaiting or when receiving treatment. Visit affordable dentist and find out more about us and request for a dentist’s appointment today.