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postheadericon GamePrompt takes on Overwatch, the biggest phenomenon in competitive gaming since Leagues of Legends

It’s as if the whole gaming world is currently playing Overwatch. Every single website is talking about it, every player is analyzing it and every collector retells fables of unique skins they acquired as well as unique lines of dialogue they have heard. It’s our turn to jump into the action. What do our experts at GamerPrompt think of this unexpected phenomenon? Are they as impressed as the rest of us? Be sure to check it out at and see if they got it right.

Do you think that the game needs more balance or is it perfect this way? Should they have more maps to diversify the experience or should they focus on the ones they have now until they’re even more amazing than they are now? What does the future holds for Overwatch? Don’t forget to check GamerPrompt’s review at and give us your thoughts on what you would like to see next in a future update of the game.