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Whether your business is an online store or a storefront downtown, providing excellent customer service will be beneficial. .There are basic steps as seen in Arizona sales consultants to ensuring your teams are delivering the good customer service your customers crave and are willing to pay a premium for:

Hire Right

Making the right hiring decisions is the number one factor in all aspects of the customer experience. When you hire people who place a higher emaphsis on courtesy and friendliness over everything else, you have the advantage of not trying to train people how to be nice.

Instill Culture

The culture of your company will set the environment of the service delivery you expect. The culture of a customer centric company is one that understands that the customer is the most important person in the business equation. Without the customer, you have no revenue. A customer centered company partners with the customer, appreciates and values their customers, and treats the customer as a long term relationship, not a one time transaction.

Set the Minimum Service Expectations

If you tell your staff to be nice to customers and treat them well, you are simply lucky if the service expectations you have are met. Everyone has a different interpretation of good customer service, so you must be clear when setting these expectations for your team. Without doing this, your team really has no idea what level of service is expected or how they should go about delivering it.

Hold Your Team Accountable for Customer Service

This is the area that most companies are surprised that they lack in. Customer service delivery must be an area that teams need to be held accountable for. This is done by linking customer service with their pay. If they don’t have any “Skin in the Game” then they won’t be as likely to deliver good customer service. When they understand that the service they deliver is directly tied to their compensation, the likelihood of exceptional service increases.

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